Jhené Aiko Serenades with New Release “Sun/Son,” a Tender Tribute to Motherhood

Jhené Aiko

Celebrated R&B songstress Jhené Aiko has graced the music world with her latest offering, “Sun/Son,” a melodious ode to her son, born in 2022. The song, crafted by the late AUGUST 08 and Derex Williams, weaves Aiko’s soulful voice into an ethereal soundscape, encapsulating the profound emotions of motherhood.

Aiko’s gentle coos in the chorus, “My solar power, I’m so in love (Sun son, sun son) / You charge me up, you charge me up,” resonate with the heartfelt connection and affection she holds for her son, Noah. The track, first teased on social media in November, celebrated Noah’s first birthday, marking a year of love and growth.

This tender composition also arrives with a piano version, adding a serene layer to the already intimate song. Aiko’s 2023 has been marked by artistic exploration, with previous releases like “calm & patient” and the ten-minute-long “alive & well (gratitude mantra),” both echoing her unique, soulful introspection.

Anticipation is high for Aiko’s forthcoming project, which is expected to include these recent releases. This project, as hinted by her manager, symbolizes a new era for Aiko, a journey back to the essence of music creation driven by passion and artistry.

Aiko’s upcoming work follows the success of her 2020 album, Chilombo, which earned nominations for Album of the Year and Best Progressive Album at the 63rd Grammy Awards. Her musical journey continues.

to captivate audiences, as evidenced by the recent 5x platinum certification of her 2014 single, “The Worst.” This accolade places “The Worst,” a track from her debut EP Sail Out, on par with “Sativa” as one of her highest-certified singles.

Aiko’s new song “Sun/Son” is not just a musical composition but a window into her soul, a testament to the transformative power of motherhood. It’s a journey into the depths of her heart, where her son shines as her inspiration and muse.

Fans and listeners can now immerse themselves in the dual versions of “Sun/Son,” each offering a unique auditory experience. As Aiko continues to evolve and grow in her musical endeavors, she remains a beacon of authenticity and emotional depth in the R&B landscape. Dive into the serene world of Jhené Aiko with “Sun/Son,” a song that harmonizes the essence of love and connection.