Erika de Casier Reveals Upcoming Album “Still” with a Stellar Line-Up

erik de casier

Erika de Casier is set to enrich the music scene with her latest album, Still, scheduled for release on Wednesday, February 21st, under the renowned 4AD label. The anticipation for this album is high, especially with the debut of its first single, “Lucky”, accompanied by a captivating video available for viewing now.

Still emerges as de Casier’s third full-length album, a follow-up to her 2019 hit “Essentials” and the widely praised “Sensational”, which garnered significant acclaim.

De Casier’s newest project continues her exploration of the intersection between pop and club music, weaving elements of R&B and drum & bass into her unique sound. The album boasts an impressive roster of collaborators, including Shygirl, Blood Orange, Nick León, and a range of other talented artists like They Hate Change, Carl Emil Johansen, Niels Kirk, Kirsten Nyhus Janssen, Tobias Sachse, Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen, and Christian Rhode Lindinger.

Returning to the production helm is Producer N, who has been instrumental in shaping the sound of de Casier’s previous albums. “Lucky”, the album’s lead single, has already been released, showcasing de Casier’s evolving musical style. The single’s music video, directed by the renowned Jesse May Fisher, known for her work in fine art, fashion, and music videos and whose work has been showcased in prestigious venues like London’s Saatchi Gallery, adds a visual depth to the song’s allure.

Fans of Erika de Casier can expect an album that not only resonates with her signature style but also pushes the boundaries of contemporary music, blending various genres and artist collaborations into a cohesive and intriguing new offering.

Listen to “Lucky” Below: