Serpentwithfeet Unveils “Safe Word,” a Sensual Prelude to His New Album ‘GRIP’

Serpentwithfeet Releases New Song ‘Safe Word’

Progressive R&B artist Serpentwithfeet has captivated audiences with the release of “Safe Word,” a track that marks his first musical endeavor in 2024. This deeply intimate single sets the stage for his much-anticipated upcoming album, GRIP.

Co-produced by Serpentwithfeet and the collective I Like That, “Safe Word” delves into the realms of intimacy and trust within a relationship. The song portrays a vivid picture of two lovers immersed in each other’s affection while maintaining a foundation of security. Serpentwithfeet’s lyrics, “Choke me now, f**k me now / Upload that d*ck into the cloud / I’m insatiable, make it conversational / Oh, I heard it’s gonna rain cats and dogs,” weave a narrative of passion and communication.

Discussing his latest single, Serpentwithfeet shared, “‘Safe Word’ is a sensual song about the beauty of trust that’s been earned and the wonder that follows when partners explore each other with care.”

“Safe Word” is the second single to be released from the Baltimore native’s forthcoming album, “GRIP,” scheduled to debut on February 16 via Secretly Canadian, with a physical version available on March 29.

The single arrives alongside a lo-fi visual directed by Serpentwithfeet and Micaiah Carter. This new track follows the vibrant “Damn Gloves,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Yanga YaYa, where Serpentwithfeet celebrates physical connection, stating, “I didn’t wanna waste this chance to celebrate my waist in his hands.”

GRIP promises a 10-track collection, featuring collaborations with Mick Jenkins and Orion Sun. According to press materials, the album is a tribute to the spirit and enchantment of Black queer nightlife, acknowledging the significant impact and the nurturing communities formed within these intimate spaces.

Serpentwithfeet’s musical journey continues to evolve, following his sophomore project DEACON, released in March 2021, and the subsequent EP DEACON’s Grove. In 2023, he introduced his Heart of Brick theatrical show, which celebrated Black queer nightlife and its profound influence on community and personal growth.

In Serpentwithfeet’s words, “The dance floor has been a medium for Black queer people to decompress and build community. Going out has given me incentive to go inward, and I am a better person because of it. Engaging the body is essential to engaging the spirit. I have Proof.”

“Safe Word” is available for streaming now, and the official video can be watched below, offering a glimpse into Serpentwithfeet’s artistic vision and the upcoming allure of GRIP.