Ciara Makes a Brief Appearance in “The Color Purple” Movie


The recently released movie adaptation of The Color Purple Broadway musical has sparked curiosity among fans about Ciara‘s involvement. Having attended the Los Angeles premiere just before giving birth to her fourth child, fans wonder if Ciara has a role in the film alongside stars like Fantasia Barrino, Halle Bailey, H.E.R. (Gabriela Wilson), and Jon Batiste.

For those eager to know but wary of spoilers, be warned, and for those who’ve seen the film or don’t mind spoilers, here are the details:


Ciara does make a brief appearance in the film, appearing only in the final moments. She portrays the character Nettie Johnson, who returns from Africa to reunite with her sister Celie, played by Fantasia. Ciara’s character represents the older version of Halle Bailey’s character. In the conclusion, Bailey’s character has run off the farm owned by her sister’s new husband, promising to write her every week.

Due to various circumstances, the two sisters are kept apart until they are much older. Ciara joins the ensemble in the finale number, The Color Purple.

For those interested in catching Ciara’s cameo, The Color Purple is now playing in theaters nationwide.