LAVI$H Wraps 2023 with Soulful Serenade “Your Biggest Fan”

LAVI$H "Your Biggest Fan"

Rising star LAVI$H concludes the year on a high note with the release of his latest track, “Your Biggest Fan,” a soulful serenade that showcases his musical prowess. The song, characterized by a minimalist backdrop of guitar strums and piano notes, sees LAVI$H expressing admiration and adoration for a special woman in his life, referring to her as his peace.

In the lyrics, LAVI$H sings, “Show me more / I pray for more / Inviting human being / I’ll stay, I swore / When I look in your eyes / You’re far from insidious / Dazzling soul, woah-oh / Won’t you take my hand? / Oh, you give me comfort.”

“Your Biggest Fan” serves as the culmination of a successful year for LAVI$H, following the release of his debut EP, You Made a Big Mistake, under the Def Jam Recordings label. Earlier in the year, he dropped two singles, “World in My Hands” and “We Make Sense,” with the former becoming his official debut single and accumulating over one million streams on Spotify since its February release.

lavi$h your biggest fan
Def Jam Recordings

Discussing “We Make Sense,” LAVI$H shared insights into the song’s theme, explaining, “One day, it’s ‘I love you,’ ‘Together forever,’ and then radio silence the next few years/rest of your lives. Somebody else comes along and shares those same words with who was once yours… Almost like it was your ‘turn.'”

The debut EP, You Made a Big Mistake, released in June, marked a significant moment in LAVI$H’s career. Reflecting on the project, he expressed, “This body of work is best illustrated by the words ‘success is the best revenge,’ and I know my growth will haunt some people — but I think there comes a time when you realize it’s time to become timeless. My time is now and forever.”

As LAVI$H continues to make waves in the R&B scene, “Your Biggest Fan” serves as a testament to his artistry and a fitting conclusion to a remarkable year.