Dumomi The Jig: Releasing Debut Single, Musical Style and Cultural Influences

In a mere two months, Dumomi The Jig, the burgeoning British Nigerian musical sensation making waves in Afrobeats, has soared to prominence. Following the infectious debut of ‘Anticipating,’ he sustained the momentum with the viral hit ‘Fantasy.’ In this short timeframe, Dumomi The Jig achieved an extraordinary milestone, garnering a remarkable two million global streams for both tracks. Beyond the numbers, his talent earned accolades from notable Afrobeats authorities.

We recently sat down with Dumomi The Jig for an exclusive interview, delving deep into the meaning behind his latest singles.

Pinch Of Sol: Congratulations on the success of your debut single, ‘Anticipating,’ and the follow-up, ‘Fantasy.’ How has the rapid rise and positive reception impacted your approach to creating music?

Dumomi The Jig: The rapid success of ‘Anticipating’ and ‘Fantasy’ has been overwhelming and humbling. From experience, I can say that it hits differently when you know there’s an audience listening, and with that in mind, I approach each new project with a heightened sense of responsibility to deliver meaningful content.

Pinch Of Sol: Your latest single, ‘MARIA,’ explores the challenges of proving love, loyalty, and genuine intentions in a relationship. Why did you choose this theme for ‘MARIA’?

Dumomi The Jig: ‘MARIA’ explores the concept of love and loyalty because the idea resonated with me personally, and also the fact that a lot of people can also relate. I wanted to highlight the challenges people face in relationships, exploring the emotions of proving love intentionally to someone.

Pinch Of Sol: The music video for ‘Maria’ is visually stunning. How important is the visual representation of your music, and what do you hope listeners take away from the video?

Dumomi The Jig: The visual representation of my music is crucial. With ‘Maria,’ we aimed to create a captivating storyline that shows the idea of showing your intentions to someone you love but with the message initially being miscommunicated. I hope listeners not only enjoy the video but also connect with the narrative, adding another layer to their overall experience.

Pinch Of Sol: Coming from a family rich in diverse professional talents, including your father’s passion for the piano, how has your upbringing influenced your musical style and approach to creating music?

Dumomi The Jig: Growing up in a family with diverse talents has significantly influenced my musical style. My father’s passion for the piano instilled in me a deep appreciation for melody and composition. So naturally I started playing the piano from a young age and my love for music has only increased since then. It’s a part of my musical DNA, and you can hear those influences in the arrangements and harmonies of my songs.

Pinch Of Sol: In ‘Maria,’ you mention expressing love through actions rather than words. What role do you believe music plays in conveying complex emotions?

Dumomi The Jig: In my opinion, Music is expressed emotions and it has a unique ability to express it in a way that words cannot. In ‘Maria,’ the emphasis on actions over words speaks to the power of music to express feelings and experiences that go beyond words.

Pinch Of Sol: With the success of your latest releases, what can fans expect from your future releases? Are there any particular themes or collaborations you’re excited to explore in your upcoming projects?

Dumomi The Jig: Fans can expect very different and substantial angles in my upcoming releases. I’m excited about collaborating with any artist that brings fresh perspectives to my music. I’m also eager to experiment with new sounds and genres.

Pinch Of Sol: As an artist with roots in both Ikeja, Lagos, and London, how do these diverse cultural influences manifest in your music, and how do you see your identity shaping the direction of your artistic journey?

Dumomi The Jig: The fusion of Ikeja, Surulere Lagos, and London influences my artistry. Although I try not to be bound by the sounds of my environment, I find that It reflects in the rhythms, sounds, and storytelling in my music. I see my identity as an individual on a never ending self discovery journey, and I’m looking forward to exploring the rich cultural diversities that shapes my artistry.