Josh Levi Delivers Heartfelt Cover of Boyz II Men’s Classic “Let It Snow”

josh levi

In a heartwarming holiday gesture, Josh Levi takes on the classic “Let It Snow” by Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight, infusing it with his unique style and soulful vocals. The cover is not just a musical tribute but also a nostalgic journey for Levi, who reveals the song’s special place in his family.

Levi shares, “‘Let It Snow’ was my dad’s favorite growing up, and this version went platinum in my household. He used to always put the Black versions of Christmas songs on, and now I can appreciate and be grateful that he did. Boyz II Men also happens to be my favorite group ever.”

Originally released in 1993 as part of Boyz II Men’s 2x platinum holiday album, Christmas Interpretations, the song secured its spot in R&B history with a top 10 position on the R&B charts and reaching No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This holiday cover follows Levi’s recent viral TikTok sensation as Chuck E. Cheese, using audio from his track “Birthday Dance.” The song is featured on his extended EP, DISC TWO (SCRATCHED UP), released in 2022, featuring additional tracks like “EGO” and “See Low.”

Levi’s plans to take DISC TWO (SCRATCHED UP) on tour were temporarily delayed due to an unforeseen opportunity, with no new dates announced at this time. However, his musical journey continues with the release of the soulful rendition of “Let It Snow,” showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Listen to Josh Levi’s heartfelt rendition of “Let it Snow” to experience the warmth of the holiday season.