A Deep Dive into Crownz’s Artistry in This Exclusive Interview

Crownz‘s latest release, ‘Where Dem Dey,’ is more than a song; it’s a resonating anthem born from the spirit of Senegal and the resilience of Cameroon. In this interview, Crownz unveils the cultural threads woven into his empowering blend of afrorap and dancehall, while teasing insights into his forthcoming EP, slated for an early 2024 release under French independent label MCP Group.

Pinch Of Sol: Your forthcoming EP is anticipated for an early 2024 release via French independent label MCP Group. Can you give us a glimpse into what themes or stories we can expect from the EP, especially considering the powerful message in ‘Where Dem Dey’?

Crownz: I’d rather leave the rest of the world to anticipate it. It’ll be beautiful I can assure you. It’s a fine blend of great and tough times.

Pinch Of Sol: In ‘Where Dem Dey,’ you mention being the voice for those who can’t speak up. How do you see your role as an artist in addressing societal issues, and what impact do you hope your music will have on your audience?

Crownz: I hope and pray that through my music, I could bridge the gap between the common man on the streets and policy makers in higher positions and offices. Because at times you find out that good policies may not simply workout just because of the packaging. Take the case of say taxes, folks in the ghetto are often accused of shunning to make pay their dues. The truth is that if those in governance were to be made to understand that if  they lived by example, no pressure would be needed to collect taxes or accomplish many other projects in the communities.

Pinch Of Sol: How do you feel about being crowned as ‘Little Prince of Africa’ and do you see it as a responsibility to carry the aspirations and voices of Africa through your music?

Crownz: I feel flattered and deeply honoured. At the same time I take this as being trusted with a serious responsibility. It’s my unconscious responsibility…Coming from a cultural background where a prince is called upon to one day take over leadership, I can measure the weight of that crown. Certainly, this is a wake up call to be the voice of Africa through my sound, God so willing!

Pinch Of Sol: Your music has already gained significant recognition. How does this success impact your approach to your craft and your message as an artist?

Crownz: To be candid, when I started music, I didn’t expect things to move at this rhythm. I seize this opportunity to thank my fans. These wins remind me to be more focus and keep sharing my life experiences so as to keep satisfying my fans and people.

Pinch Of Sol: You have a commitment to defend your people during challenging times. Are there specific actions or initiatives outside of your music that you are involved in to support the causes you believe in?

Crownz: My late grandfather used to say that if you keep taking a bottle of Champagne into your house and caring less about what your neighbours are going through, you should not be surprised when one day those same neighbours prevent you from entering your own house. That is, living in abundance and not sharing with the needy is to me a sin. I’m big on charity.

Pinch Of Sol: Your music has been described as a blend of genres. How do you approach the fusion of different musical styles, and do you think this diversity reflects the cultural richness of Africa?

Crownz: History teaches us that Africa is the cradle of mankind. This implies that all musical styles have Africa as their cradle. So all musical genres emanated more or less from Africa. This is why I am at ease with absorbing and rendering a blend of genres.