Jaz Karis Releases Soulful Acoustic Track “Little Blue Moon” Celebrating Unconditional Love

jaz karis

Emerging British singer Jaz Karis has dropped her latest single, “Little Blue Moon,” via MNRK Records. Produced by Adam Boukis, the acoustic track is a soulful expression of Karis’ appreciation for her Higher Power and the unconditional love received.

In the chorus, Karis sings, “The way that you hold on my hand / I’ll never let go again / The best part is you and I know / That I don’t do good on my own / The way that you make it so easy / To make me feel like l’m needed.”

Describing the inspiration behind the song, Karis shared that “Little Blue Moon” is a conversation between her and God, acknowledging the beauty of knowing someone loves you unconditionally. She expressed gratitude for being able to share her music as a gift, especially in the current state of the world.

The accompanying music video, directed by Ana Liasi and Daisy Maskell, adds a serene visual element to the song. Filmed at The River Lea in England, the video complements the reflective and appreciative mood of “Little Blue Moon.”

This release marks Karis’ first under MNRK Records. Her previous independent release in April, “Therapy,” served as a candid expression of feelings, with Karis noting, “Sometimes you have to just do what you want.”

In November 2022, Jaz Karis unveiled her EP Dear Jaz, featuring seven tracks, including “Side of You,” which has garnered over 6.5 million streams on Spotify.

Listen to Jaz Karis’ soulful acoustic track “Little Blue Moon” here: