R&B Phenomenon, Senth Unveils Much-Awaited Second EP “WAYYY SAUCY”

Less than a year after making waves on the international music scene with his debut EP, “Senth Of Her,” Nigerian R&B prodigy Senth has resurfaced with his eagerly awaited sophomore project, “WAYYY SAUCY.” Launched on November 23 in collaboration with EMPIRE, this EP serves as a crucial chapter in Senth’s artistic journey, a testament to his ever-evolving musical ingenuity.

From start to finish, “WAYYY SAUCY” unfolds as a rich narrative, showcasing Senth‘s talent for delving into the intricate tapestry of human emotions. Themes of love, desire, and sensuality are navigated with soulfully sultry vocals and deeply resonant lyrics that have become synonymous with Senth’s unique style.

What sets this EP apart is not only Senth’s vocal prowess but also his international collaboration with producers from diverse corners of the globe. Belgian beatsmith Nanzoo, Manchester-based OracleBeats, Italy’s Wavytrbl, and Maryland’s eeryskies all contribute to the global fusion that defines “WAYYY SAUCY.” Senth, actively involved in the production process, ensures that each track reflects his distinct artistic vision and a rich tapestry of global soundscapes.

Describing the project as his personal “blossoming into full potential,” Senth guides listeners through an immersive musical journey. “WAYYY SAUCY” transports audiences into the ‘Saucy Crib,’ where each track becomes a passionate and heartfelt experience told through Senth’s soulful artistry, blending heartfelt vocals with the rhythmic pulse of contemporary R&B and alternative music.

The EP’s tracklist reads like a collection of distinct musical landscapes. “Good Morning” is a tender love song exuding the warmth and euphoria of waking up next to a loved one. Senth’s favorite track, ‘Lucy,’ stands out as a self-proclaimed anthem for women, perfect for any weather or mood. “Bend It” sees Senth’s experimental foray into new musical realms, adding an extra layer of spice to the EP. “On My Mind,” recorded in 2021, remains a timeless favorite for Senth, showcasing its enduring appeal. The deeply personal ‘Deserve Better’ delves into themes of self-love and overcoming self-doubt, drawing inspiration from J Cole‘s transformative impact on Senth’s journey towards self-acceptance.

“WAYYY SAUCY” not only underscores Senth’s growth as an artist but also offers listeners a rich, emotive experience. Following the success of his debut EP and hit single ‘Dagger,’ Senth emerges as a force challenging conventional genre boundaries, pushing the limits of artistic expression, and expanding the boundaries of Alté and R&B music.

Stream “WAYYY SAUCY” below.