Beyond The “Same Old Routine”: Emerald M.’s Quest For Lost Dreams & Unforgotten Melodies

emerald M.

Burmese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Emerald M., has just released her latest single, “Same Old Routine,” following the success of “I Could’ve Died.” This new song delves into the mundane aspects of daily life as individuals strive for meaning and transformation. The rising star muses on her youth, yearning for the simplicity and passion that once guided her dreams and aspirations.

“Same Old Routine” resonates deeply, blending wistful nostalgia with the ache for bygone affection in a poignant ballad. Emerald M.’s song paints a vivid picture of the tedium of adulthood, epitomized by solitary weekends amidst the hush of still nights. Its opening verses draw listeners into an intimate setting—a ‘den’ scattered with ‘empty cans,’ an emblem of loneliness and isolation.

emerald m.
“Same Old Routine” Artwork

With each recurring sunset, the monotonous cycle persists, highlighting the void of the now. Amidst this constant loop, there’s a fervent longing to recapture the untroubled spirit of youth, “like when we were sixteen”—an era when memories were firmly in her grasp, and life felt like a shared dream with a cherished someone.

Emerald captures that sentiment with her evocative lyrics: “I’d rather be with you like when we were sixteen, having control on our own memories/ While it lasted, it felt like a dream with …. You/ We’ve all grown up/ And life’s getting tough/ My ambitious thoughts ain’t even close enough/ Smoking cigarettes, repeating this same old routine/ And I’m On my own now in this depressing town where there’s nothing to talk about/ Like I used to do with.. You.”

As the song progresses, it peels back layers to expose the harsh truths of adulthood, where once lofty dreams now feel distant. The mundane act of “smoking cigarettes” mirrors the daily slog, with every inhale underscoring the unyielding monotony. In this somber narrative, Emerald stands alone, encircled by the dreariness of “this depressing town.”

The track resonates with a mix of hope and longing, capturing the common wish to revive a lost chance at love. “Same Old Routine” offers a glimmer of hope amidst despair, a yearning to rewind time. Emerald M. conveys a pledge, a belief that a second chance could reignite a dormant passion, hinting that despite all transformations, the connection endures.

Listen to “Same Old Routine” below: