Masego Unveils Vibrant “Masego Remixes” EP: A Fresh Take on Fan Favorites


Grammy-nominated artist Masego, known for his prowess as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, has just dropped a captivating collection of reimagined tracks titled “Masego Remixes.” This five-track digital EP breathes new life into selections from his self-titled second album, showcasing the artist’s versatility and creative vision.

The EP opens with the previously released “You Never Visit Me (Remix),” featuring guest appearances from acclaimed rappers Wale and ENNY. The track, produced by Wu10, Louie Lastic, and Todd Pritchard, receives an extra layer of dynamism, complemented by an official visualizer that adds a visual dimension to Masego’s sonic narrative.

Among the standout tracks are two alternative versions of “What You Wanna Try,” skillfully reworked by Kooldrink and Kweku Sanderson. Masego’s innovative approach to these remixes brings a fresh perspective to familiar favorites, making them a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.

Masego What You Wanna Try Remix

Additionally, “Masego Remixes” introduces revitalized versions of “Say You Want Me” and “Black Anime,” with contributions from DJs Jamie Brown and Pocket, adding their unique touch to these tracks.

The original “Say You Want Me,” co-produced by P2J and E.Y., served as the lead single from Masego’s second album. The Afro-R&B groove, supported by rising artists Destin Conrad and Ambré on backing vocals, receives a new lease of life in this remix collection.

Masego album cover

This EP arrives on the heels of Masego’s eponymous sophomore album, released earlier on EQT Recordings/Capitol Records. In a spring 2023 interview with Rated R&B, Masego emphasized the depth of vulnerability embedded in his latest studio album, expressing the belief that embracing vulnerability can lead to meaningful experiences and personal growth.

As Masego gears up for his UK and Europe tour from January 24 to February 25, 2024, “Masego Remixes” serves as a delightful treat for fans, showcasing the artist’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and providing a fresh perspective on his acclaimed discography.