Aasher Unplugged: Exclusive Insights from the Artist’s Perspective

Aasher‘s latest single, “betray me.,” signals a new era in hip-hop, drawing inspiration from personal experiences. We sat down with the artist to delve into the intricacies of betrayal, the influence of icons like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, and the shaping of his upcoming sophomore project.

Aasher’s journey, marked by Meek Mill‘s recognition and attention from industry giants, underscores the artist’s unwavering commitment to artistic integrity. As he prepares to unveil his sophomore album in 2024, Aasher promises a sonic departure, maintaining his signature quality, storytelling, and a powerful message that resonates with the raw pulse of life’s experiences.

Join us as we explore the depth of Aasher’s creative process, his trajectory in the music industry, and the profound connection he seeks to forge with his audience.

Pinch Of Sol: Your latest single, “betray me.,” has garnered attention and praise. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this track and what it represents in your artistic journey?

Aasher: ‘betray me’ is a very personal record for me because true events inspired the feeling and mood of it. In my artistic journey it represents a new era for me and I believe for all of hip-hop. It’s been a huge drought and I believe Aasher and the sound I bring will revive it.

Pinch Of Sol: “betray me.” is described as a pivotal turning point in your career. How has the theme of betrayal influenced your creative process, both lyrically and musically?

Aasher: It’s definitely made me sharper lyrically, feels like I have a chip on my shoulder to show my abilities. Musically it pushed me to create a new sound for myself, as crazy as it may sound I’m glad the betrayal happened. 

Pinch Of Sol: The article mentions that your music blends intricate storytelling and a dynamic delivery, reminiscent of artists like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. How do these influences manifest in your work, and what sets your style apart?

Aasher: The influences manifest really with my mindset and creativity. Kanye and Kendrick or innovators and boundary pushers and that’s who I am authentically so I look at them to see how I can do it. Musically I get compared to them a lot but I look at them more for how to move more than the music itself. My style is set apart because I’m Aasher. So my story is my story, also my cadences/delivery, flow switches, the way i approach my hooks or backgrounds are a lot different than them or anyone but they definitely influence me to take it to the next level artistically.

Pinch Of Sol: Your debut project, ‘S.H.I.F.T,’ was a significant milestone with over two million streams and a sold-out tour. How did this early success shape your approach to your sophomore album and your music career in general?

Aasher: I don’t like to call ‘S.H.I.F.T’ my debut album or call this next one a sophomore album because these are just projects even though they sound very much like albums. It shaped my approach by making me wanna express myself more and be more honest on record and push the envelope sound and story telling wise. Also made me wanna make more records the people can catch easier without compromising the substance and story telling aspect.

Pinch Of Sol: Can you share some insights into your creative process when crafting your lyrics and beats? What themes and emotions do you aim to convey through your music?

Aasher: I sit with my thoughts for a very long time. In the beginning stages it’s more of writing down how I feel and thinking about how I wanna approach my next record. I fast for 3 days to hear what I’m supposed to say and then I start with production. Once I hear something I can feel I stick with it and build upon that. I want to convey the truth in my record. I want people to be heard, seen and felt with my records.

Pinch Of Sol: You’ve garnered attention from prominent music powerhouses like Roc Nation, TDE, and Dreamville. How has this recognition influenced your artistic journey and the opportunities that have come your way?

Aasher: Artistically it didn’t influence anything because I am who I am without anybody knowing who I am. In terms of opportunity it helped me study the business end more and also helped me understand my worth a lot more so I’m appreciative of those opportunities because I learned more about the business and myself.

Pinch Of Sol: Meek Mill’s co-sign is mentioned as a significant moment in your career. How did it feel to receive recognition from such an established artist, and how has it affected your trajectory in the music industry?

Aasher: It was a cool moment! In 2020, he heard one of my songs “Imagine” on Club House and he loved it. I’m not sure if it necessarily changed my trajectory but it was definitely a cool moment.

Pinch Of Sol: As you prepare for your sophomore album in early 2024, what can fans expect in terms of the themes and musical direction you’ll explore compared to your debut project?

Aasher: This project is nothing like anything I’ve done before in terms of sound. Something you can always expect in an Aasher project is quality, storytelling and a message everyone can take from it. I don’t wanna give too much away so I’ll stop there.

Pinch Of Sol: Your music is described as resonating with authenticity and the raw pulse of life’s experiences. How do you aim to connect with your audience on a personal and emotional level through your music, and what message do you hope listeners take away from your work?

Aasher: I aim to connect with my audience by just being myself and letting them in on my life experiences rather good or bad. I just tell the truth and the people can feel it and connect to it. The message I hope the listener takes away from my art is to take the things that traumatised you or changed you for the worst and work to make those things a brightness within you. To change for the better by looking in the mirror and no longer running away from the scariness of change.