Keri Hilson Talks New Music: “I’m Free and I’m Ready”

Keri Hilson

It’s been almost 13 years since the release of Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Keri Hilson’s last album. However, fans can now rejoice, as Keri Hilson has confirmed that new music is on the horizon. In a recent interview on the R&B Money podcast, co-hosted by Tank and J Valentine, Hilson revealed her eagerness to share fresh tunes with the world.

Keri Hilson expressed her renewed focus on music, stating, “Now it’s back to music. That’s all there’s left to do. I’m not done. I’m not finished.” She candidly shared that there were various burdens she needed to release to be able to concentrate fully on what her fans have been eagerly waiting for. She explained that her creative process had been hindered by past struggles and external factors.

Hilson stated, “Sometimes you can’t create with burdens—with a dark cloud. I feel closest to God when I’m creating…That is supposed to be a burdenless space. That is supposed to be full freedom. I’m a channel in this moment. I’m a vessel. I need to listen. I need to hear. But there was so much stress, depression, division amongst my team…and then my dad died.”

While not divulging specific details about her new music, Hilson revealed that she received positive feedback after previewing her work. She emphasized that without the struggles of the past, she could take her time to ensure that the music she presents is a true reflection of her vision. She even shared a compliment from a respected figure in the music industry who described her music as “tall and mighty.”

Keri Hilson’s journey back to music comes after the 2016 release of a “fake” press release about her third album, L.I.A.R. (Love Is A Religion). Hilson clarified on social media that while the title was accurate, the project was not yet completed. In January 2017, she further discussed the album’s concept, linking love and religion, emphasizing commitment and sacrifice.

Though it’s been a long wait for fans, Keri Hilson’s return to music is eagerly anticipated. Her last album, No Boys Allowed, was released in 2010 and included the hit song “Pretty Girl Rock.” Before that, her debut album, In A Perfect World…, featured the 2x-platinum single “Knock You Down.

As Keri Hilson prepares for this new phase of her music career, her fans can look forward to the release of fresh music and a promising journey back into the spotlight.

Watch Keri Hilson’s interview with Tank and J Valentine of R&B Money for more details on her new music.(New music discussion at the 1:29:25 mark.)