carsn. Unleashed: A Mélange Of Roots, Rebellion, And Renaissance


carsn. delves into his journey, citing his Dallas/Fort Worth upbringing as instrumental in shaping his taste in music. The environment exposed him to a variety of genres, with pop and hip-hop resonating the most due to their energy and connection to his sports involvement. Although no specific local artists have influenced him, the city’s culture made him more diverse. 

The multi-talented artist also introduces “3rd Floor,” a brand encapsulating his art, music, and beliefs about creativity and expression. He values uniqueness and organic storytelling, striving to revive it in hip-hop. A shift towards allowing subconscious thoughts to flow marked a significant point in his creative process. 

In addition, carsn. discusses how vulnerability emerges as a recurrent theme, seen as essential in connecting with audiences. He is currently focusing on releasing singles and hopes for another collaboration with Miami based artist, Knarly Noso.

Being part of the Dallas/Fort Worth scene, how has this environment influenced your music? Are there any local artists or aspects of the city’s culture that have shaped your sound or approach?

Growing up in the DFW area I was exposed to all different kinds of music. I remember as a kid in car rides with my family I was first exposed to Michael Jackson’s music for the first time and began to idolize his music and creative approach to making songs. I was also exposed to a lot of Country, Old School Rock, Early 2000s Hip-Hop and countless others. 

The early 2000s was a great time for music, and to this day, I think this is the reason why I like to make these different kinds of music. With that said, it seems the pop/Hip-hop side stuck with me more and I attribute this to me playing sports throughout my entire childhood, because I was always looking for songs that would get me fired up before I took the field, and this genre just resonated with me the most. 

As of right now, there aren’t many local Dallas artists that I look up to or any that have shaped my current sound, but I will say being a part of both the city and the more rural areas of DFW I think has made me a more diverse person in general, which I believe shows in the music I like to listen to and create.


With the release of “3rd Floor,” what specific evolution or transformation in your brand are you aiming to showcase? Can you give us a sneak peek into the sounds and themes fans should anticipate?

I wanted to create a brand alongside my music, because I believe this is the best way for people to get the full idea of who I am as a person nowadays. “3rd Floor” is a lifestyle brand that includes art, production, photography, fashion, and of course the music. This is a space for me to share my ideas with the people and showcase what I love to do. 

There’s so much hate these days, I want to show that trying is also cool. Doing what you love is all that matters, that’s the whole idea behind “3rd Floor,” it’s the top tier level of creativity and expressing yourself, with no plans of coming down. You can expect a lot of art and a lot of music with this brand, and I’m excited to get it launched here very very soon.

How do you navigate the balance between sharing your personal stories and maintaining a universal appeal to connect with a diverse audience?

This is always a tough one, and something that I’ve struggled with for a while. It’s easy to conform to what other people are doing/saying in terms of music. Imitation happens by nature in music, but you must find a unique way to tell your stories. People want different sounds/vocals/instrumentals, and it really is as simple as that. 

I don’t worry much about trying to maintain a connection, because I think that will happen organically if you master a unique way of storytelling. The storytelling aspect of music has seemed to disappear, at least in the Hip-Hop community, and it’s something I always keep in the back of my mind when creating.

Can you discuss a genre you haven’t explored yet but are interested in diving into, and what draws you to it?

I want to make a country song/EP. Only because I think it would be challenging and something different. Why not?

You’ve mentioned how your creative process has evolved, particularly moving from being obsessed with perfection to letting your subconscious thoughts flow. Can you share a specific moment or experience that catalyzed this shift?

I can. When I made the song “liquor store for gossip,” I went into it saying; “I’m just going to let the thoughts flow and see where this goes.” This is one of the reasons why I like that song so much. It just happened organically and so quickly. It was a personal milestone in a way. 

This is every artist’s dream; to tap into that mode of creativity, where everything seems to fit together like a puzzle when making your art. No overthinking or second guessing. It doesn’t always happen, and it can’t always happen, but it’s something we are chasing forever.


Each of your songs tells a story, connecting listeners to different chapters of your journey. How do you decide which aspects of your life to translate into music, and are there any stories you’re hesitant to share?

I think I hesitate to share most of my stories. When you are in the beginning stages of your journey as an artist/creator, it’s not always the cool thing to do to put yourself out there, but you have to put those thoughts on the back burner in order to see any progress. That’s the thing with being an artist, you have to be vulnerable or else it doesn’t always work. The people who digest your art know when they hear or see a lie. I’m still guilty of stretching the truth or talking about some nonsense myself, but it’s all just part of the journey to get to where you want to be.

As you continue to evolve as a person and an artist, what are some goals or milestones you’re aiming to achieve in the next phase of your career? Are there any artists, producers, or creators, mainstream or underground, that you’re eyeing for future collaborations?

My goal is to keep pumping out these singles. I have an EP that’s dropping 10/20 that I’m very excited about. I want to go big with these next few drops coming out in October and November and just keep developing as an artist. The vision is there, just have to keep pushing. 

In terms of collabs, I need to get another collab with Knarly Noso, he’s a Miami based artist who in my opinion is one of the best in the game right now, he is killing it. I’m a huge fan of the music he makes and what he’s doing creatively. Go check him out!

Listen to carsn.’s music below: