LAYA Drops Empowering New EP “Bet That”

LAYA Drops Empowering New EP "Bet That"

Rising R&B artist and songwriter LAYA is back with her latest EP, Bet That, under Warner Records. This seven-track offering showcases LAYA’s versatility and talent, with some tracks that are sure to resonate with listeners.

The EP includes previously shared songs like “F’d Up” and “Need 2 Know.” Speaking about the latter track, LAYA explained, “‘Need 2 Know’ was inspired by the all too familiar scenario in which a lover is not being 100% truthful. I’m a very open-minded and understanding person so for me, just keeping it a buck is the least anyone could do. I feel like a crisis can always be averted if everything can be openly laid out on the table. ‘I ain’t telling you to wear some shoes you can’t fit in, but I’m gonna need the truth so come with it.’ It’s simple, I ‘Need 2 Know.’”

LAYA Bet That EP cover
Warner Records

The titular opening track, Bet That, is a gritty banger where LAYA confidently addresses haters and naysayers, all while acknowledging that she’s her own competition. The lyrics are delivered with power over a hard-hitting production punctuated by a searing electric guitar.

In the bass-heavy track “I Ain’t Playin,” LAYA takes on a flirtatious tone, expressing her desires and intentions in the bedroom. Her boldness shines through as she sings, “Hit me with some backbone, ngga, sign the lease / Hit you with that dose and the Florida get you weak / Pour it for a toast in hopes you get the cheeks.”

Bet That serves as the follow-up to LAYA’s debut EP, Um, Hello. In discussing her music, she aims to inspire and motivate her audience, sharing, “I hope people feel inspired and motivated from this project and the whole story behind it — my whole story. I hope they realize that there is nothing out of grasp and that you can literally speak into existence what you want and manifest it. There are a lot of motivational messages in my music. It’s R&B, but it’s not all about the bedroom or being in a club. It’s stuff you could play in a club, but it still motivates you on a different level and makes you proud of yourself.”

LAYA continues to make her mark in the R&B scene, offering fresh and empowering music. Stream her latest EP, Bet That, below to experience her unique style and message.