“Imma Do Me” Artist YAQI Gives A Glimpse Into Her Upcoming Ventures

In a new insightful interview with Pop Diva YAQI, the emerging singer known for singles like “Imma Do Me” and “I’m On It,” discusses her musical evolution. She hints at a fusion of her native language and English in future releases and unveils plans for an upcoming R&B/Soul track and rap songs. 

With a Master’s degree in film acting, YAQI shares her passion for acting and teases a forthcoming music-themed movie project. She expresses her fascination for collaborations with fellow artists and her aspiration to work with acclaimed talents. 

YAQI also delves into her inspirations, including philosophers and quantum physics, implying deeper themes in her anticipated singles. The rising star confirms she’s thinking about entering the fashion industry and reveals plans for live performances and concerts.

Find the complete interview in the section below.

“Imma Do Me” and “I’m On It” marked your debut English song releases. With bilingual tracks in vogue, can we expect a fusion of your native language and English in your future works?

Yes, I’ve already composed the song; I’m merely waiting for the right moment to share it with the public.


You’ve hinted at an upcoming R&B/Soul track and some rap songs. Could you provide a sneak peek of what’s in store? When can we anticipate the single releases? And is an album in the pipeline?

Absolutely! As I’ve previously stated, an upcoming bilingual (Chinese and English) song, an R&B/Soul track, and two rap songs are in the pipeline. The album is part of a strategic three-year outline, as I’m committed to ensuring that each song I create is a source of enjoyment for my audience. The team and I poured our heartfelt efforts into crafting these songs, with the intention that people can relish every individual piece.

Absolutely, I’ve had the opportunity to work on film projects both in China and the United States. Notably, some of these films even garnered recognition at various film festivals. Acting stands as one of my profound passions, involving the intricate process of creating and shaping characters’ lives. The journey of bringing these characters to life and presenting them in my own unique manner is truly exhilarating. Witnessing the appreciation from both the crew and the audience is incredibly gratifying. 

In the pipeline, I have an upcoming plan for a music-themed film. However, its realization hinges on waiting for the opportune moment and assembling the right team. Undoubtedly, film and acting hold a significant place in my life, and you can expect more projects from me in this realm in the future.

What’s your take on collaborations? Are you inclined towards solo releases, or do you have an interest in working alongside others in the future? If so, any preferences?

I hold a strong fascination for collaborating with fellow artists down the road. The fusion of diverse personalities and energies will infuse the music with added vitality and captivating dimensions. Artists like Nathy Peluso, Tyga, Lady Gaga, M.I.A., Remi Wolf, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and numerous others have captured my admiration. The mere contemplation of the creative possibilities ignites a sense of exhilaration within me, as I envision the prospect of joining forces with these exceptional talents.

Drawing inspiration from icons like Lady Gaga, M.I.A., Rihanna, Nathy Peluso, as well as philosophers like Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, are you considering weaving insights about human existence and identity into your upcoming music?

This is an intriguing question. As a Chinese immigrant, the contemplation of human identity has always been a significant facet of my life’s journey.  As an artist, however, I’ve dedicated myself to shattering the molds that others try to fit me into or the perceptions they hold about me. Embracing a multifaceted identity is vital to me; I never wish to be confined by definitions. Because this stance grants me boundless opportunities to demonstrate my capacity to attain any goal or embodiment I set my sights on. 

This is also one of the viewpoints I aim to convey to my audience. People often find themselves trapped, wounded, or even advantaged by their individual human identities. Thus, occasionally detaching oneself from these identities can serve as a valuable approach to gaining fresh perspectives on various matters. This perspective delves into the realm of human existence, which connects intriguingly with the domain of quantum physics.


Venturing into the realm of quantum physics, where both humans and material objects consist of atoms, blurs the distinction between us and the tangible world around us. Interestingly, a substantial portion of about 95% of our galaxy’s mass remains invisible and doesn’t interact with light—an enigmatic aspect that parallels the limited extent of human perception.

These concepts have always captivated my interest. However, the challenge lies in weaving these intricate perspectives into my work. While I’ve crafted a new track that delves into themes of aliens and teleportation, its profound meaning isn’t immediately grasped by all members of my team. This uncertainty has led us to contemplate whether or not to release it. Nevertheless, I remain committed to crafting lyrics that explore the subjects that intrigue me, ensuring that my creative output reflects the depths of my curiosity.

Fashion has consistently been integral to your artistic expression. Are you considering launching your own brand or introducing a clothing line that aligns with your music?

Indeed, I ventured into establishing a fashion brand in China previously. However, during that period, the team’s level of readiness wasn’t optimal, and unforeseen tasks demanded a substantial portion of my time. Consequently, my team and I opted to halt the fashion line. Nevertheless, branching into the fashion industry remains one of my aspirations. I intend to bide my time, awaiting the opportune moment and the ideal platform to materialize this endeavor.

Are there any forthcoming shows or performances you’d like your fans to be aware of?

Yes. My team and I have mapped out a strategy to introduce several additional songs before embarking on the preparations for live performances and concerts. Should any plans materialize for shows and performances, I’ll promptly inform my fans without delay.

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