“Oxygen”: Another Standout Track From Mohammed Paika’s Highly Anticipated Album M.H. 1.0

Picture of Mohammed Paika Oxygen

American singer-songwriter, composer, board-certified physician, and engineer from Albuquerque, New Mexico,  Mohammed K. Paika, has more than 20 years of experience in the music industry. The all-around artist, who is also the founder and managing director of One Essence Productions, recently unveiled his latest single, “Oxygen.” Following “Free,” “Hold Me Tight,” “For The Rest Of Our Lives,” and “Love,” this new release is part of his upcoming album M.H. 1.0.

In the realm of inspiration, Mohammed Paika eloquently encapsulates the essence of his creative drive. He shares, “I would say that the one thing that inspires me is a moment or experience that touches my heart. This could be reflecting on a simple deed someone has done lovingly or witnessing a homeless child on the streets.”His words shed light on the depth of emotions and human connections that fuel his artistic expression, serving as a constant reminder of the power of genuine experiences to ignite the creative flame.

Mohammed’s upbringing, extensive travels, and interactions with people of diverse cultures have reshaped his artistic expression. These experiences, combined with his passion for music, are set to culminate in his highly anticipated album, M.H. 1.0. This upcoming project promises to be a harmonious fusion of all his varied influences. In addition to the already popular tracks “Love,” “For The Rest Of Our Lives,” “Hold Me Tight,” “Free,” and “Oxygen,” the album will also feature a collection of unreleased singles, including “End Of Time,” “Baby,” “You and Only You,” “Never,” and “One Kiss.”

What has inspired me in regards to my more recent releases are the experiences that I have shared and witnessed personally with my beloved wife. These recent releases are a reflection of those moments cherished with her,” explains the internationally acclaimed singer, musician, and producer, adding, “Our 10th year marriage anniversary was the catalyst for the development of my forthcoming album, M.H 1.0. These songs are an ode to her for her devotion and sacrifice in our marriage to keep our marriage intact.

Paika’s upcoming record, M.H. 1.0, is the first of four albums to be released, and fans can anticipate future singles that are filled with love and romance in both pop and R&B genres. The songs will have a mix of spiritual, upbeat, and dance vibes, offering a treat for his supporters. Mohammed also expresses his desire to explore genres like jazz and hip hop in the future, and he is working on tracks in Hindi,Urdu, and English that reflect his Indian heritage. 

In creating the new record, Mohammed faced the challenge of maintaining a correlation among the songs while avoiding monotony. He carefully selected which singles would be included and sought feedback from multiple experts to ensure each track carries on its unique identity within the album’s overall theme and musical direction. 

Previously known for conveying powerful messages of tolerance and acceptance, Mohammed explains that the transition to crafting love ballads in M.H. 1.0 reflects his personal experiences and state of mind. Love remains a central theme in his music, as it has the power to defeat hate in various contexts, including family, communities, and between countries or couples. While the album focuses on his personal life and reflects his growth as an artist, Paika still intends to address social issues in his future work.

Find out more about Mohammed Paika’s insights on his upcoming releases below.

Your heartfelt and romantic songs are a beautiful tribute to your wife, Huma, who serves as your ultimate muse. M.H. 1.0 marks the first of four upcoming albums to be released. As fans eagerly await the project, what can they anticipate in terms of future singles?

My future singles consist of more love and romantic songs in both the pop and R&B genre. Some of these songs will have more of a spiritual vibe and some of these songs will have an upbeat and dance vibe. I’m quite excited about releasing these songs one single at a time. These songs are a treat for my fans and supporters.

The album offers a dynamic blend of pop, dance, and R&B tracks, exuding an energetic and positive atmosphere. What other genres do you aspire to explore in the future? Also, considering your Indian heritage and background, can we expect to hear songs in languages other than English?

I studied jazz music as an undergrad student and would love to do something in that genre. Also, I would love to do some hip hop music in the near future. I have some big projects that I’m currently working on with esteemed artists in Asia.  We are planning a fusion track in  Hindi/Urdu and English.

Congratulations on the release of “Oxygen”! It’s exciting to see it as part of your upcoming album, alongside previous hits like “Hold Me Tight,” “For The Rest Of Our Lives,” and “Love.” How do you ensure that each song on the record maintains its unique identity while still contributing to the overall theme and musical direction?

To create an album is always slightly more difficult as the songs need to have a correlation and at the same time not be monotonous. 

Some of the challenges I faced while making the album were trying to figure out which songs would be part of this album and which songs would be edited out. Finding out the optimal number of songs in the album was also a challenge as I didn’t want too many songs but just the right amount to tell my story.  Also, I had this album evaluated and heard by multiple people for feedback prior to release to ensure that each of these songs sound unique while maintaining direction.

Artwork of Mohammed Paika Oxygen

M.H. 1.0 stands out as a romantic album, distinct from your previous releases that conveyed a powerful global message of tolerance and acceptance. Can you shed light on your transition from the widely acclaimed singles “So Many Divisions” and “O My Nation (‘Ya Ummati’)” to crafting love ballads, encompassing your creative process, state of mind, and musical approach?

My songs have had one main theme which is the concept of love. With love. hate is defeated. This could be hate within a family, community, between countries or between a couple. 

My songs reflect who I am and my experiences in life. Since I was raised in a multicultural background, there are many things that I have contemplated while growing up and wanted to speak about. Music gives me that medium. As human beings we are not always in a consistent state of mind. My songs often reflect what I am feeling and thinking in a particular space and time. 

I wanted to speak my mind when it came to my personal life specially on our 10th year anniversary. MH 1.0 is a reflection of this. I would still love to speak on various social issues which have also been a part of who I stand for. Overall, I feel that I am evolving as an artist as I continue to be free in expressing my thoughts.

Listen to “Oxygen” and more of Mohammed Paika’s music below:


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