Premiere: Don Modus Claims His Throne In Uncompromising Swagger With “On Sight” 

Picture of Don Modus On Sight

Up-and-coming rapper hailing from the vibrant music scene of New York City, Don Modus, has just unleashed his latest track, “On Sight.” With an abundance of confidence and a distinct sense of style, this hip hop luminary radiates an aura of unstoppable prowess as he lyrically navigates the spotlight. Armed with exceptional musical talent, he delivers hard-hitting verses that resonate deeply and make an indelible impression, all while boldly asserting his refusal to engage in petty rivalries or compromise his artistic integrity.

Continuing the momentum from “Couldn’t Be Me,” “Big Time,” and “East 2 West,” Modus unveils his undeniable skill in “On Sight.” With unapologetic lyrics such as “Everybody know me, I’m the f*ckin Don,” Don solidifies his position as an unstoppable presence in the world of rap, embracing his come-up from the shadows to claim the crown. Along the way, he dismisses skeptics and fearlessly critiques lackluster performances by fellow artists, boldly proclaiming his capacity to captivate and thrill with his daring and unconventional approach.

Unapologetically seizing his throne in the limelight, the rising rapper stands tall as the rest watch in awe, meekly observing his relentless grind from afar. Modus echoes through his lyrics, stating: “All about that action like my name was Jackson/ Turn you to a fraction, ain’t no way I’m cappin/ They gon write a caption like oh man what happened/ Hit ‘em with that stick, I’m not talkin madden/ I’m not talkin 2k,  I’m not talkin fifa/ I don’t play no games, I charge 50 for a feature/ We are not the same, I’m on point, you in the bleachers/ You can’t walk a mile in these gucci sneakers.”

Repping New York’s vibrant music scene with unapologetic pride, Don Modus recognizes the need for fresh voices and captivating stories. Channeling his gritty street experiences, the rapper infuses his tracks like “On Sight,” “Big Time,” “East 2 West,” and “Couldn’t Be Me” with unique flavors, offering a refreshing perspective. Believing his music resonates with both rookies and OGs, he aims to give back to his community, nurturing the very essence that molds his artistry.

Listen to “On Sight” here: