Forgetmyname On Her Latest Release “Gasoline” & Upcoming Single “Nightfall”

Picture of Forgetmyname Gasoline

Emerging talent, Nicole, aka Forgetmyname, recently shared a new alternative rock single, called “Gasoline.” Produced once more by her trusted collaborator and friend Isaac Buna, the track offers a powerful source of comfort and emotional support for anyone trying to move on from a broken relationship. With its honest and raw lyrics, the song provides a relatable and empathetic space for listeners to confront and process their feelings. 

“Gasoline” serves as a cathartic release for those seeking solace and healing in the face of heartbreak. In our interview, Forgetmyname discusses the emotional process of channeling complex feelings into her music. The artist talks about how personal experiences influenced the creation of her new release and the struggle to navigate hope versus reality in her creative process. She also shares her excitement about the upcoming single “Nightfall” and hints at a nostalgic and relatable sound.

Read the full interview below.

The new single, “Gasoline,” deals with the aftermath of a break-up and the struggle to move on. How did you channel these complex emotions into the song? 

It’s really more about this lifestyle I was creating around me waiting on something to happen when in reality I wasn’t really ready for it. It was this battle going on in my head at the time of writing.

You’ve collaborated with Isaac Buna before. How does your working relationship influence your music? 

Isaac is one of the most dedicated and hard working people I know and just really happy to call him my friend. I’ve learned so much from being in the studio with him and I trust him so much in his craft that it’s let me 100% focus on really finding Forgetmyname’s sound.

Your voice conveys a great deal of vulnerability and honesty. How do you balance conveying emotion with technical skill in your singing? 

Isaac and I will go hours to get the right take, but the lyrics are honest and for a lot of these songs the studio has been my therapy to what I’m going through in real time so I believe it’s really honest what you hear on an emotional level.

In “Gasoline” you explore unfulfilled needs in a relationship. How did you draw from your personal experiences to create such an emotionally resonant track? How did you find the words to express these feelings in a way that connects with listeners?

This track I feel sounds like a “fight or flight” kind of mood, almost panicked. I think people can relate to wanting to run from something to either not f*ck it up or to protect themselves.

How do you navigate the delicate balance of holding onto hope versus accepting reality and letting go? In what ways has this struggle influenced your songwriting and creative process?

I think I hold myself more accountable in my music than anything, it’s my place to be honest with myself. Everyone has that battle at some point in their lives and I don’t look at it as a struggle really whichever way I’m feeling in the creative process I let flow.

“Gasoline” and your previous releases showcase a diverse range of influences and experimental soundscapes. Do you see yourself continuing to explore different styles, or do you envision settling into a specific genre as your career progresses? 

Yes of course! There’s a lot I want to explore and in Spanish as well but regardless of that I think the essence of Forgetmyname is going to start resonating as the next couple songs come out and it will still make sense.

Your upcoming release “Nightfall” is highly anticipated by your fans. Can you give us any hints about what they can expect in terms of themes or sound? How does it fit into the overall narrative of your musical journey thus far?

Super excited for this release! Very nostalgic and the kind of song you blast while driving in the middle of the night. With “Gasoline” I feel like I’m running from this almost relapse and “Nightfall” was it.

Watch the official music video for “Gasoline” here:

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