Teyana Taylor & Pharrell Fighting for Her Teen Star

Picture of Teyana Taylor
Teyana Taylor's third musical project, simply titled The Album, is a sprawling work of 23 tracks that sends a clear message: She's done compromising her creative vision.

Teyana Taylor, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer, has been making headlines recently for her ongoing battle to protect the intellectual property rights of her teenage daughter, Junie.

Junie, who is just six years old, has already established herself as a budding star, with her own clothing line, multiple brand partnerships, and a growing social media following. However, Taylor and her husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert, have been fighting to prevent others from exploiting Junie’s likeness without their consent.

One of their most vocal supporters in this fight is Pharrell Williams, who has been a longtime friend and collaborator of Taylor’s. Williams recently spoke out on Instagram in support of Taylor, stating that “we must protect our children at all costs.”

As the legal battle continues, Taylor and her supporters are hoping to set a precedent for other parents of child stars, and ensure that their children’s rights are protected in an industry that has a history of exploiting young talent.