Kenyon Dixon Drops Nostalgic Video for New Single ‘Slow Dancing’ Featuring Kincy

Singer-songwriter Kenyon Dixon has dropped the official video for his latest single “Slow Dancing,” featuring Kincy. The retro-style visual showcases Dixon hanging out with a beautiful lady in a vintage house with an in-house band. Other guests are seen enjoying themselves while Dixon and Kincy eventually come together to vibe.

The release of “Slow Dancing” marks the start of a new era for Dixon. Rated R&B, a popular music blog, has already included the song on their playlists, including Rated R&B (flagship) and New R&B.

“This is one of the funnest records I’ve created so far and already one of my favorites,” Dixon shared. “My mission is always to reintroduce the R&B we love to today’s listeners in a way that they understand it can still be both current and quality.”

He added, “Talk Box has always been like a secret R&B weapon to me when we’re talking undeniable classic elements. As soon as I started writing this record, I knew it would top it off, and I knew exactly who to call that could deliver it in a perfect way.”

Dixon’s last album, “Closer,” was released in 2022, featuring contributions from D Smoke, Tiffany Gouché, Gwen Bunn, and Susan Carol. In an interview, Dixon revealed his desire to rekindle people’s love for music, and “Closer” was his way of doing that.

“I want people to fall in love with music again, and I mean, really love it. When you love music, the way we did, it came with a certain kind of support that we haven’t seen,” Dixon explained.

The standard version of “Closer” was included in Rated R&B’s Best R&B Albums of 2022, and later that year, Dixon expanded the album with “Closer (Deluxe)” which featured four additional tracks, including “Getting Late.”

Watch the official video for Kenyon Dixon‘s “Slow Dancing” featuring Kincy below