Devon Gilfillian’s ‘Love You Anyway’ Album Brings Joyful Vibes – Stream Now

Emerging soul singer Devon Gilfillian has released his highly anticipated sophomore album, Love You Anyway, via Fantasy Records.

The 11-track project is filled with exuberant tunes about love, life, justice, and acceptance. Gilfillian’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies aim to bring people together during challenging times.

Gilfillian shares, “I wanted to share my story and pour a whole lot of love into the gap that’s grown between people in our country. This album is about loving yourself, finding the love that fits, and also about mending the love in your life that needs mending — especially in a world that feels very wounded. I hope it can shine like a light through the dark clouds.”

Love You Anyway includes the previously shared tracks “Let The Water Flow,” “Brown Sugar Queen” featuring Janice, “All I Really Wanna Do” and “Right Kind of Crazy.” Gilfillian explains that the liberating “All I Really Wanna Do” is about taking a chance on love, life, and self-exploration. He hopes that the song encourages listeners to forget their troubles and focus on the beauty and joy surrounding them.

Regarding the track “Right Kind of Crazy,” the Philadelphia native shares that love can be chaotic and beautiful, and this song captures the deeper understanding a couple can reach as they start to truly see each other through the chaos.

Love You Anyway serves as a follow-up to Gilfillian’s debut album, Black Hole Rainbow, released in January 2020 via Capitol Records. A year after its release, he followed up with Black Hole Rainbow (Deluxe Edition).

“The theme of the record is pulling yourself out of a dark place and learning how to love yourself, and getting back up and learning from your mistakes,” Gilfillian shared. “It’s about falling in love, falling out of love, and then learning how to love yourself; picking yourself up and really figuring out what matters in your life, and to never stop hustling.”

Devon Gilfillian is currently on tour, with dates lined up through late September. Fans can expect an incredible live experience showcasing the new album.

Be sure to check out Devon Gilfillian’s new album Love You Anyway below, and don’t miss the opportunity to see him perform live.