AKITA Delivering Their Best Material Yet With “The Way It Is” From Upcoming LP

Up-and-coming funk band, AKITA, recently released their new single, “The Way It Is” inspired by the complexities of the world. The band members, Charlie and Ade, were behind the song’s theme and lyrics, respectively. In a recent interview, they shared the story behind the formation of AKITA, which came together naturally when drummer Patrick, bassist Zak, and saxophonist Charlie began rehearsing for fun in Patrick’s living room. The addition of new members, including keys player Tomi, vocalist Ade, and guitarist Zach, completed the seven-member lineup. 

AKITA’s upcoming album, For The Night, showcases their intentional approach to music production, experimenting with new sounds while maintaining their tried-and-true funk sound. The band’s songwriting process involves bringing together different ideas from each member and working collaboratively to produce their signature layered sound. The group’s chemistry and openness to one another’s ideas have resulted in some of their best material yet. 

The making of the new album presented some challenges for the group, including featuring three new musicians and doubling the time spent in the studio. However, the additional members proved to be a wise decision, providing fresh perspectives and new sounds. AKITA also pays tribute to legendary funk artists such as Lettuce and Earth, Wind & Fire while creating their unique sound, which fans can expect to hear in their forthcoming LP. 

Having performed at various festivals and venues, with Shakori Hills Music Festival being the most memorable, AKITA is excited about their upcoming shows and tours, including their April run in Florida. With their unique approach to songwriting and production and their infectious groove, the band promises to bring a fresh and exhilarating energy to the music industry.

Listen to “The Way It Is” on Spotify: