Peter Gabriel Unveils ‘I/O (Bright-Side Mix),’ a Fresh New Track

Former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel has made a comeback with his new song ‘I/O (Bright-Side Mix)’, which will be featured on his upcoming album, I/O.

Though there is no scheduled release date for the album, it is anticipated to drop later this year. Gabriel shared his thoughts on the new single in a statement: “This month the song is i/o and i/o means input / output. You see it on the back of a lot of electrical equipment and it just triggered some ideas about the stuff we put in and pull out of ourselves, in physical and non-physical ways. That was the starting point of this idea and then trying to talk about the interconnectedness of everything.”

“The older I get, I probably don’t get any smarter, but I have learned a few things and it makes a lot of sense to me that we are not these independent islands that we like to think we are, that we are part of a whole. If we can see ourselves as better connected, still messed up individuals, but as part of a whole, then maybe there’s something to learn?”

The new single features a collaboration with the Soweto Gospel Choir, whom Gabriel previously worked with on ‘Down To Earth’ for the Wall-E soundtrack. He added: “I didn’t always hear the Soweto Gospel Choir on this song, but every time I’ve worked with them it’s always been fantastic. You can just feel the energy whenever they sing on this record, and on the song I did for Wall-E, it’s just joyous. It hits you in the heart.”

The forthcoming LP is the result of an innovative plan where Gabriel will release a new track every full moon (approximately every 29.5 days). Last month, he released the track ‘Playing For Time’ from the upcoming project.

Listen to ‘I/O (Bright-Side Mix)’ below.