Listen to Bdrmm’s latest single “Be Careful.”

Diving into a Hypnotic Soundscape: bdrmm’s New Single “Be Careful” Takes Inspiration from the Pandemic

Following the release of their captivating, noise-filled track “It’s Just A Bit of Blood,” bdrmm has shifted gears with their latest single, opting for a more subdued and mesmerizing sound. “Be Careful” showcases swirling guitars and a prominent drum groove, creating a hypnotic experience for listeners.

The song begins with a steady beat, drenched in hazy reverb, as bdrmm weaves intricate layers of synths and guitars to craft a multidimensional piece. As the track unfolds, the band builds a louder, mesmerizing soundscape that merges vocalist Ryan Smith’s voice with the complex tapestry of instruments. Toward the end, the song slows down, honing in on the captivating drum beats laid down by Conor Murray.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Be Careful,” Smith shared that it was written during the pandemic, with influences from Portishead and a bassline reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Nude.” He described how the song came about naturally while he spent evenings in his garden studio with bottles of wine.

The track delves into themes of self-awareness and the importance of change. Smith reflects on his own experiences with overindulgence and the realization that he was becoming someone he didn’t like. Recognizing the need for growth and the challenge of self-improvement when unaware of one’s own faults, “Be Careful” serves as a reminder to take care of oneself and strive to be better.

Listen to the hypnotic track below.