Chxrry22 Delivers ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Wasteland’ Live for Vevo DSCVR Showcase

Emerging Artist Chxrry22 Shines in Vevo’s DSCVR Series

Toronto’s very own Chxrry22 has recently graced the stage as the latest talent showcased in Vevo’s DSCVR series. The rising singer captivated audiences with live performances of her tracks “The Other Side” and “Wasteland,” both of which can be found on her debut EP, The Other Side. The EP was released in September 2022 under the labels XO Records and Republic Records.

In an interview with Rated R&B, Chxrry22 shared her creative approach to crafting the EP: “My approach to writing this project was, ‘just be as honest as you can be and talk about everything — the good and the bad. Don’t make yourself the victim.'” She went on to explain that not everyone can be the victim, and sometimes people feel like the villain. Embracing this, she removed all restrictions while writing and allowed herself to be candid about her experiences.

As the first female artist to sign with The Weeknd’s XO Records, Chxrry22 expressed the significance of her position. “It means a lot,” she said, emphasizing the need for more women in the music industry, including female producers, managers, and other roles. Aware of her responsibility, she is determined to excel in her career.

Recently, Chxrry22 hinted at new music on the horizon by tweeting about listening to her new tracks on the beach. Fans can look forward to more captivating performances from the up-and-coming artist.

Don’t miss out on Chxrry22‘s enthralling live renditions of “The Other Side” and “Wasteland” in the Vevo DSCVR series below.