KLOUD Unveils First EP in Over a Year with “BLACK”

The enigmatic KLOUD project has been shrouded in secrecy since its inception in 2019, and fans have eagerly anticipated each new release. After a year of silence following the release of their EP ‘INFECTED’ in December 2021, KLOUD has finally returned with a four-track EP titled BLACK.

The new release not only offers fresh music, but also marks a new chapter for KLOUD. The rollout of the EP, which was released through Lowly. Records, was centered around the revealing of the artist’s face after years of performing with a helmet obscuring their identity. In a 2021 social media post, KLOUD emphasized their desire for autonomy and for their art to transcend themselves, saying “I want you to attach to a character that mirrors yourself.”

With BLACK, KLOUD dives deep into the world of techno, exploring the genre with a refined and mature sound. While previous releases have incorporated elements of electro-pop and house, techno takes center stage on the EP. The result is a boundary-pushing sound that showcases KLOUD’s versatility and willingness to experiment.

Fans have eagerly embraced this new era of KLOUD, with the EP receiving critical acclaim and cementing the artist’s place as a rising force in the techno world. Listen to BLACK and experience the next phase of the KLOUD project for yourself.