Dominique Fishback, Star of Swarm, Shares Her Current Favorite Music Picks

When it comes to Dominique Fishback’s character Dre in the new show Swarm, her obsession with fictional popstar Ni’Jah is an unsettling aspect of her character. Fishback herself, however, is more drawn to the music of Lauryn Hill, particularly Hill’s cover of Bob Marley’s “So Much Things to Say”.

As Fishback prepares for the reaction to Swarm and her villainous turn as Dre, she notes the importance of staying true to oneself and being brave in one’s artistic choices. And brave she certainly is in Swarm, where she holds the show together with her startling performance as Dre, a superfan-turned-serial-killer. Despite Dre’s many heinous acts throughout the show, Fishback manages to evoke empathy for her character, particularly in moments where Dre is at her most murderous or delusional, but a tear runs down her cheek, revealing the grief at her character’s core following the death of her best friend.

Fishback speaks to the universality of Dre’s character, noting that her obsession with Ni’Jah is merely a backdrop to the larger story of a girl trying to understand her emotions. While Dre’s love takes on a dark and violent form, the theme of love and the emotions it evokes is something that audiences can connect with.

As Fishback continues to push herself as an actor, tackling new and challenging roles, she looks to music as a source of inspiration and motivation. With Lauryn Hill’s powerful voice and message ringing in her ears, Fishback is ready for whatever reaction comes her way for her bold and daring performance in Swarm.