“TILLIMFREE” Artist Gabriel Drabkin To Focus More On New Age R&B

Cross-genre artist, Gabe Drabkin, gives new details on his most recent release “TILLIMFREE.” During our interview, the Hip Hop and R&B singer-songwriter admits that he is to shift his focus more toward new age R&B. He also reveals how patience and being open to criticism have helped him improve his creative drive.

Moreover, Drabkin talks about his previous collaboration with The Cool Kids’ Sir Michael Rocks and how he made his childhood dream come true. The rapper says that he would love to work with Mick Jenkins and Pink Pantheress as well.

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Congrats on dropping “TILLIMFREE”! Tell us more about this stellar piece!

Man, I love this song. Produced by Mitch Geist. I found this beat and it started a beautiful friendship with Mitch and really opened me up to my voice on more house style instrumentals. That rap verse hits so hard.

How are you finding the response from listeners so far?

Loving the response. definitely the best one yet!

Tell us a bit about your childhood and adolescence years and how you began singing, performing and writing music.

My childhood was simple. Lots of travel and family time. Grew up around master carpenters so I got into that trade pretty early on. Found music to always be fascinating though and with the push from my creatively strong friends, I began to create myself!

Who is your number one fan/supporter?

My mom is definitely my number one supporter. The only person I’ve seen cry to my music up to now.

What is the most exciting collab you’ve had so far? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Getting that Sir Michael Rocks feature was a childhood dream. Grew up on The Cool Kids and his solo work so that song I adore for sure. Would love to work with Mick Jenkins or Pink Pantheress one day.

What is your one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out as a singer-songwriter?

Great question, I found that patience and being open to criticism are two huge fundamental keys in obtaining creative drive and success with music.

What direction would you say your music is headed in?

My music is definitely headed in the direction of new age style r&b. Combining beautiful house instrumentals or drum and bass instrumentals and just singing pretty on them.

Watch the official music video for “TILLIMFREE” below:

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