Empire State Bastard, Featuring Dave Lombardo and Biffy Clyro, Teases Debut Single

Empire State Bastard, the newly formed grindcore extreme metal band, has announced its signing to Roadrunner Records. The group comprises Biffy Clyro members Simon Neil and Mike Vennart, as well as legendary metal drummer Dave Lombardo and bassist Naomi Macleod from Bitch Falcon. The band’s debut single “Harvest” is set to release on March 24th, with a teaser already available for fans to stream.

The inspiration for Empire State Bastard was born over a decade ago when Neil and Vennart shared a passion for the heaviest, most avant-garde, and confrontational music they could find while on tour. Now, the band’s vision has become a reality, with Vennart writing and recording guitars and Neil handling vocals and lyrics. Lombardo’s involvement is a testament to the band’s serious chops, given his reputation as one of the best drummers in metal.

The teaser for “Harvest” provides a taste of what’s to come from Empire State Bastard, showcasing the band’s signature grinding riffs that repeat in a circular spiral alongside blast-beat drumming. Neil’s raspy unintelligible howls cut through the mix, adding to the track’s overall intensity. The single’s preview hints at a musical experience that is uncompromising and raw, a testament to the band’s dedication to the grindcore and extreme metal genres.

Empire State Bastard is set to play a series of sold-out UK shows this month, followed by a lineup of confirmed festival appearances at Download Festival (June 9th), HellFest (June 18th), 2000trees (July 7th), and ArcTanGent (August 17th).

With its impressive lineup and brutal sound, Empire State Bastard has already garnered a lot of attention from the metal community. Fans of Lombardo’s drumming and Biffy Clyro’s music can expect a unique and intense musical experience from the band’s upcoming debut release, “Harvest.”