Listen to Depeche Mode’s Latest Single “My Cosmos Is Mine”

Depeche Mode, the iconic English electronic music band, has recently released a new single titled “My Cosmos Is Mine” from their upcoming album, “Momento Mori”. This highly anticipated album is set to be released on March 24th, through Columbia Records, and will be their first LP since the release of “Spirit” back in 2017.

“My Cosmos Is Mine” is the opening track of “Momento Mori” and follows the release of the single “Ghost Again” last month. The song features the signature moody vocals of lead singer Dave Gahan, along with haunting synth melodies and driving beats, making it a must-listen for fans of the band.

The upcoming album takes its themes from the pandemic era and reflects the emotions and experiences that Depeche Mode members have gone through during this unprecedented time. However, the album also carries a significant emotional weight, as it marks the first release by the band since the passing of bandmate Andy Fletcher, who died at age 60 in May last year.

Despite the tragedy, the band continued to work on the project, as they felt it was something that Fletcher would have wanted. Martin Gore, the band’s primary songwriter, said, “After Fletch’s passing, we decided to continue as we’re sure this is what he would have wanted, and that has really given the project an extra level of meaning.” Dave Gahan added that “Fletch would have loved this album,” making it clear that this album is a tribute to their late bandmate.

Depeche Mode is set to embark on a massive tour starting next month, with live shows across America and Europe, beginning in Sacramento, California, on March 23rd. Fans can expect to hear new tracks from “Momento Mori” along with classic hits from the band’s extensive discography. Additionally, the band will also headline Primavera Sound 2023, one of Europe’s most prominent music festivals, making it clear that Depeche Mode is not slowing down anytime soon.

Check out the new single