“AETERNA Records debuts with a remix of GENESI’s ‘Everything You Have Done’ by MEDUZA”

The buzz surrounding “Everything You Have Done” by GENESI has been steadily growing since Dom Dolla dropped the track in Australia during the December break. The video of Dom Dolla playing the ID went viral on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, leading to millions of views and an insatiable demand for the track. MEDUZA, the Italian trio of producers, took notice of the hype surrounding the track and decided to release their own edit of the song.

The release of MEDUZA’s edit of “Everything You Have Done” has been highly anticipated within the house music community, with DJs such as John Summit, Diplo, and MEDUZA themselves playing the track in their sets. The edit not only marks GENESI’s debut, but also serves as the inaugural release of AETERNA Records, MEDUZA’s new record label.

MEDUZA’s decision to release “Everything You Have Done” as AETERNA Records’ first release was influenced by the track’s popularity with audiences. During an Amsterdam Dance Event set for SLAM FM, MEDUZA premiered the track and was blown away by the crowd’s reaction. They felt confident that “Everything You Have Done” would be the perfect first release for their new record label, stating that “the crowd reaction at every show has been crazy to this track.”

AETERNA Records provides MEDUZA with a platform to showcase their underground interests and merge them with an earworm vocal, as evidenced by the success of their edit of “Everything You Have Done.” With the power of their new record label behind them, MEDUZA is sure to take the club scene by storm with this release. Fans of house music can stream the track on all major platforms and experience the hype for themselves.