A strange rendition of My Way by Limp Bizkit with Wes Borland and an unknown guitarist.

Limp Bizkit is known for their high-energy live shows that involve plenty of fan interaction. One of the band’s most tried and tested formulas is frontman Fred Durst bringing a member of the audience up on stage to help him rap a classic Bizkit track. However, during a show in Buenos Aires, Argentina in May 2016, something even more interesting happened.

After the band had just covered the classic Rage Against The Machine track “Killing In The Name,” a fan was brought on stage to take over from Wes Borland on guitar. In a video since posted from the show, Durst and Borland can both be seen asking the fan what Bizkit track he’d like to play. After a brief back-and-forth, “My Way” from the album “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water” got the nod.

The fan began playing the unmistakable opening notes of “My Way,” backed by DJ Lethal on the decks. However, as the rest of the band kicked in, something even stranger happened – Wes Borland grabbed the mic and began to sing the track. Strutting, posing, and gesticulating as he sang, Borland’s performance made for a truly unforgettable moment.

In other news related to Wes Borland, the guitarist recently lost a lawsuit filed against his ex-wife, Queen Kwong’s Carré Callaway. Borland had accused Callaway of damaging his “public image and reputation” following a review of Queen Kwong’s 2022 ‘break-up album’ Couples Only, alongside a feature article about the record, both written by English journalist Mischa Pearlman.

Borland claimed that the content of the article breached a divorce agreement that stated “neither party may make speeches, give interviews, or make public statements that defame the other party.” However, Judge Farhat dismissed the case, stating that “the court does not find that [Callaway] made any defamatory statements regarding [Borland].” In response to the ruling, Callaway expressed relief and stated that she hoped the outcome would deter similar attacks against women and artists in the future.

Overall, Limp Bizkit’s show in Argentina in 2016 was a memorable one, with a fan playing guitar and Wes Borland taking over vocal duties for an unforgettable rendition of “My Way.” And while Borland may have lost his recent lawsuit, it’s clear that he continues to make an impact in the music world with his innovative performances and dynamic guitar work.