LaTavia Roberson Announces “The Reintroduction” Documentary

LaTavia Roberson, a former Destiny’s Child member, is ready to tell her tale. The Grammy winner has announced the release of her new documentary, “LaTavia, The Reintroduction: I Am Who She Is.”

The documentary will look into Roberson’s musical origins and her ascent to success with Destiny’s Child. It will also reveal some of her personal struggles, such as alcoholism, depression, domestic abuse, and others. Although the documentary will explore some of Roberson’s background, it will also update viewers on what she is up to now and what she has planned for the future.

LaTavia Roberson mentioned in a teaser clip:

I’m ready to write. I’m ready to act. I’m ready to produce. I’m ready to do whatever it takes. I’m a wonderful human being, and guess what? I’m reintroducing myself. My name is LaTavia — Motherf***ing —  Roberson. Stop playing with my name.

Roberson, together with Starr Jamezz and MusesKloset, acts as executive producer for the documentary. The premiere date for LaTavia, The Reintroduction has yet to be announced. Roberson said in a 2014 interview with Rated R&B that she left the spotlight after Destiny’s Child to focus on family concerns and her fight with alcohol addiction.

“During that time, nobody heard from me. I was dealing with internal issues with my own life and trying to get my head on straight. I took a serious role to get involved with my family. My grandparents were sick — rest both of their souls now — and my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to take a step back and really get myself prepared and wrap my head around putting myself back out there.

Roberson recently used Instagram to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Destiny’s Child’s self-titled debut album. Roberson wrote in a caption for a throwback video of a Destiny’s Child interview.

25 Years Later…This is still in rotation. It took me this long to be this strong and enjoy the fruits of my labor with my forever sisters and will always be @letoyaluckett @kellyrowland @beyonce. I’m so humbled by this moment because of the fans & everyone that had something to do with the success and the journey of our introduction into the music industry.

The trailer for LaTavia Roberson’s documentary LaTavia, The Reintroduction: I Am Who She Is is available below.