Just.InTime Delights Fans With Another Phenomenal Set Of Tracks “Choices” & “Prodigal”

Up-and-coming hip-hop protege Just.InTime drops two more bombshells titled “Choices” and “Prodigal”! Diving into a different direction this time around, Justin decided to experiment with a more serious melody, compared to his previous upbeat and fun tracks like “Owner”, “deadawayfromYOU”, and so on. Of course, the end result is spectacular, showcasing a rapping prowess that is the core of Justin’s musical charm. There is energy, dynamic ups and downs, and so much emotion! 

“Lord please receive my everything in me/ And leave the world my flesh/ Thankful  for your heavenly tour/ The renewal of my vision and for realigning of my path,” Just.InTime sings in “Prodigal”, proclaiming his gratitude and love for the Lord. These tracks are his very own war cry that will undoubtedly inspire more people to strengthen their bond with God, and trust in his processes and designs. 

Just.InTime.1Kings is an emerging artist based in the US. His music incorporates various elements of hip-hop and pop and reflects on profound and very personal experiences. Having been through many difficulties and emerged victorious thanks to his faith in God, Justin has made it his mission to share these thoughts with people, inspiring them in any way he can. The artist walks into 2023 with confidence and is preparing to drop a project that speaks to his experiences poetically and melodically. 

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