Exclusive: Nate Blizzy Confirms “Stripper Music” Video Is In The Making

Following “If You Were My Girl,” “No Worries,” and “Lost With You,” emerging singer-songwriter, Nate Blizzy, dropped back-to-back hits like “Stripper Music” and “Stripper Music No. 2.” In a new interview with Pinch Of Sol, the promising artist reveals he has a lot more in store for the coming months.

In addition to announcing a new single: “Live It Up,” Blizzy confirms that “Stripper Music” and the upcoming song will both be accompanied by music videos. The multi-instrumentalist also hints at a new album, to be released in April, including the previously introduced tracks “Purge” and “Flames.”

Read the full interview with Nate Blizzy below.

Congratulations on the back-to-back releases! The songs have been received really well, especially “Stripper Music,” it has been doing great worldwide. Were you expecting such feedback? Tell us more about the inspiration behind your music.

Well,  if the listeners  felt what I felt after listening to the finished song then yes, I was expecting this kind of feedback. But I’m humble so I cherish and love every comment so far.  My Inspiration comes from the joy and peace it brings me to create music. I’m inspired by every note I hear in music, every word I hear spoken, and every natural sound I hear around me. Everything in this world has rhythm but the artists of the past have created  music that  we can sit for hours and feel every emotion from listening to it so I yearn to carry on that legacy while satisfying my need to create music. 

I am inspired to make music that people can fall in love with and feel the way I feel when I listen to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” or Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”  If I’m having a bad day once I get around to creating music all’s right with the world again.  Now that I’m getting good feedback from creating my own music, it makes me work harder to create songs that everyone will love so you’re going to hear music from me until I can’t physically make music anymore.

Will the singles be accompanied by music videos? Do you have a video project on the horizon?

There will be videos for both “Stripper Music” and “Live It Up” in March. Definitely “Stripper Music” by the end of March.  I’m inspired to create a lot of visuals for my music but my work schedule and my father being terminally ill have messed up the schedule a bit. Videos are a key element to interacting with fans of the music and I want to go hard for those people so lots of videos is the plan.

We’ve heard you have a new single coming out soon, it’s called “Live It Up”? Would you like to share more details about the upcoming track? What is the main theme of the song?

It’s about taking the time to enjoy life now. Don’t put off the celebration – life is a gift, and each one of us has so much to be grateful for.   And don’t hold back – grab your girl and take her on a real adventure far away from the everyday – change your view while you live it up.

Are you currently working on a new album? If yes, when will it be released? Have you decided on the tracklist? Will it include the recent singles “Purge,” “Stripper Music,” “If You Were My Girls,” and “Flames”? 

Yes, the new album should be ready by April 20th. “Stripper Music” is a series of 5 sexy songs that won’t be on the album. All five installments will be out by June. “Stripper Music No.2” is already out.  We have decided on a tracklist which is ever-changing with new songs being developed daily. “Purge” and “Flames” will be on the album. The theme of the album so far is inspiration and fun. Songs that make people see things in this world for what it is and songs about living to enjoy life sprinkled in with a few love songs that I dedicate to family.

What will the overall genre of the new record be? You usually swing between Pop and R&B, what other styles would you like to experiment with?

That same swing between pop and R&B, but also injecting a vibe that is all my own – something that crosses and defies genres.  I’d also like to experiment more with collaborating with hip-hop artists like I did for “If You Were My Girl.”

How is it like working together with BLU Rhino? How did you two meet?

100% random chance – we met in a taxi in the North Bronx, started talking about music, and the next thing you know we’re sharing each others’ beats and jams and realize that it wasn’t a chance meeting – it was fate, and we had to work together. He has taught me a lot about the state of Pop and  R&B and how to infuse old school  with what’s current. We have the same lust for creating music. He inspires me with music creativity and I inspire him to write songs with my voice.

Do you usually like to collaborate with other artists or do you prefer to perform alone? 

I love collaborations. One of my best moments so far is creating “If I Was Your Girl” with Dubside Guapo who is BLU Rhino’s son. Amazing. I definitely want to collaborate with artists from all genres of music. Sometimes, working with other artists fosters a new level of creativity you didn’t even know existed.

Listen to “Stripper Music” & “Flames” below: