Glass Onion’s Real Mystery Explained

To Johnson’s point, it did appear like the center of the Glass Onion narrative would be Miles’ game and perhaps even his demise. Even though Blanc found a solution to everything, the movie showed that “the disrupters” each had a justification for wanting to murder the millionaire. 

Glass Onion’s central mystery was Andi Brand’s (Janelle Monáe) whereabouts. Another unexpected shock was that Andi’s passing happened before the movie’s events and was recounted in a flashback.

Before she was fired and ended up in court, where the disrupters lied to defend her former business partner, Andi, and Miles worked together. After Andi was slain, Helen, her twin, sought Blanc’s help and hired him to investigate the killing. 

She told him that even though it appeared that Andi had committed herself, the presence of sleeping tablets in her system raised suspicions of foul play. Blanc persuaded Helen to masquerade as her sister and join them, believing that the suspects would be on Miles’ island in Greece.

Miles, who also shot Helen and killed Duke Cody, was identified as the one who killed Andi (Dave Bautista). That is what made the writing for Glass Onion and the first Knives Out movie so much fun, though it could have been more obvious in hindsight. It will be intriguing to see what Benoit Blanc’s next inquiry comprises and how Johnson develops the plot given that there will be another sequel. 

The specific sequence in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is one example of how each movie has been constructed differently so far, creating shocks at unanticipated times. Knives Out 3 should be a crazy trip even if it is difficult to picture what it will look like.