Chris Brown Releases “Psychic” Video Starring Cassie

Chris Brown releases a music video for his Jack Harlow-assisted song “Psychic” whilst on his sold-out U.K./European tour.

The video, which was directed by Cameron Dean, begins with an overhead shot of a futuristic metropolis with flying automobiles. Brown is shown looking out towards the city as he sings as a vehicle crashes into a building. “I wanna know how she know (me) / And how she readin’ my mind (she) / She catch me every time / She might be psychic / But I like it.”

Brown then jumps from the building, but no need to worry—he has wings. As soon as he touches down in front of a colorful background, R&B singer Cassie joins him for a dance routine with a partner. Brown dances in both solo and ensemble choreography throughout the video, bringing the song to life in various locations.

The song “Psychic,” which features a sample of Cassie’s 2006 breakthrough single “Me & U,” can be found on both the Breezy (Deluxe) and Breezy (Standard) editions of Brown’s Grammy-nominated album.

Brown’s previous peak positions on the Billboard 200 include the following: F.A.M.E. (2011), No. 1 peak; Fortune (2012), No. 1 peak; Indigo (2019), No. 1 peak; Chris Brown (2005), No. 2 peak; X (2014), No. 2 peak; Royalty (2016), No. 3 peak; Heartbreak on a Full Moon (2017), No. 3 peak; Exclusive (2007), No. 4 peak; and Graffiti (2009), No. 7 peak.