Everything We Know About The New James Bond Film

There aren’t many facts regarding Bond 26 because there isn’t a screenplay or cast. The fact that Broccoli’s update is consistent with her earlier pronouncements should prevent it from being viewed as overly disappointing. 

She added that the movie wouldn’t start shooting for at least another two years until the summer of 2022. A mid-to-late 2025 release date for Bond 26 may be feasible if production gets underway in 2024 and things proceed swiftly, but a 2026 release date appears more likely.

Broccoli has also provided some insight into the idea of Bond 26. Bond 26 has enormous intentions for James, which is one of the reasons why the casting, filming, and storyline are so far off. According to Broccoli, a script cannot be written unless the creative team determines what to do with the character. 

While Bond 26 aims to entirely “reinvent” 007, the solution may not be as straightforward as it first appears. Hence, Bond 26 is shaping up to be somewhat of a reboot of the franchise that will alter how viewers see 007 rather than a continuation of the brand or a repetition of its tendencies.

Who will ultimately play the next James Bond is still the greatest unknown. Although casting hasn’t started, producer Michael G. Wilson commented on fan speculation by pointing out that Bond is a seasoned professional with years of expertise. So, an actor must be at least 30 years old to be considered for the part, which slightly reduces the field by excluding fan favorites like Tom Holland and Jacob Elordi. 

In the meanwhile, Broccoli said that, despite speculation that Lashana Lynch will succeed Bond, the character will stay male. Even if Broccoli’s makeover for the upcoming James Bond movie may be unsatisfying, it takes time to develop a fresh, nuanced take on a legendary figure.