Paul Rudd Shares His Top Two Funniest Comedies

Which two of his comedies are the funniest? says Paul Rudd. In 1995, the adolescent cult favorite Clueless gave the actor his big break. Since then, his career has witnessed a continuous run of lucrative movies, including Anchorman, I Love You, Man, and Knocked Up. After making his MCU superhero debut as Scott Lang, or Ant-Man, in 2015, Rudd’s stardom soared.

In a video interview with GQ, where the actor explores his career high points and deconstructs his iconic roles, Rudd now divulges his two funniest comedies.

Rudd discloses his first response to the screenplay, which included him reading it twice while talking about his part in the 2004 blockbuster Anchorman. The actor claims that one of his funniest films is another one in the repertoire that he saw twice. Rudd clarifies:

It’s rare to read a script that it’s just so fun to read just you that you want to reread for pleasure and certainly with comedies. I did that with ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ and then I did that again with ‘Anchorman’. I thought those were the two funniest scripts.

Paul Rudd’s Success Is Attributed To His Comedic Versatility

At this point, Rudd’s durability as an actor is unquestionable. He acted with comedic heavyweights like Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, and Steve Carell in a number of Judd Apatow movies in the 2010s. Rudd made a lot more different appearances than other movie stars.

He played the straight-laced protagonist in I Love You, Man, a charming, imperfect husband, and father in This Is 40, and a goofy surfer boy in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He alternated between tiny parts and the main ones. His career-long success in comedies has undoubtedly been aided by his dramatic skills as well as his ability to execute any type of humor, from silly to grounded.

Despite having a successful comedic career, the 40-Year-Old Virgin actor has more recently received widespread appreciation in the genre community because of his portrayal of Ant-Man in many MCU films. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the third Ant-Man movie, will debut on February 17. Beyond this movie, Rudd’s involvement in the MCU is still out in the air.

The era of Apatow-led comedies from the previous decade appears to be waning in favor of a Marvel-dominated market. Rudd may have to temporarily put comedy on hold while he takes on the MCU, but the actor seems to have solid taste in what roles he takes on. Rudd’s consistent success to date across all genres is evidence of the star’s enormous adaptability.