KEY’s Latest Album Is Accompanied By A “Killer” Music Video

Gasoline’s deluxe edition, Killer, was released by the K-pop artist after KEY spoke with Billboard about the movie and familial allusions that made Gasoline his most intimate and inspirational album yet. Killer reveals another side of the SHINee member.

With the workout-ready, synth-pop music of the album’s lead song, “Killer,” KEY harkens back to the 1980s while providing the necessary remorse and conviction to support a scathing breakup.

The accompanying video, KEY, adopts aspects from vintage sci-fi action movies like Tron and Blade Runner for spectacular moments of the star riding around a metropolis on a future motorcycle. This keeps the film somewhat in line with the nostalgic music. While he uses interpretative dance skills to express his message, the dance routines in the picture seem traditionally KEY.

KEY also demonstrated how the retro design elements of Killer’s album package come to life by posting on Instagram the retro-inspired video game and VHS-style images that would instantly bring back memories for any child born in the 1980s or 1990s.

The two new songs “Heartless” and “Easy,” which were created by KEY’s previous collaborators LDN Noise and SHINee singles “View” and “Married to the Music,” are among the two new songs on KEY’s repackaged album in addition to “Killer.”

Watch “Killer” below: