Disney’s Splash Remake Is Progressing With Sarah Rothschild As The New Screenwriter

Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell were scheduled to feature in a role-reversal adaptation of the well-known Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah fish-out-of-water romantic comedy at that time. It appears that Splash is finally getting its remake on after seeming to be doomed for a while.

The writer of Netflix’s The Sleepover, Sarah Rothschild, will pen the newest iteration of the script for the mermaid romance, which will still include Bell from Inherent Vice and Roar. Although it’s unclear if Grazer will continue to produce or if Tatum will continue to portray the gender-flipped version of Daryl Hannah’s fish lady from the original, with a writer now on board, we’re confident that the movie will succeed.

No release date or any story information has been confirmed, but it’s encouraging to know that this intriguing remake of the Ron Howard classic is still afloat. Imagine The Shape of Water with more comedic elements. We’ll just have to settle for returning to the sea with the impending live-action version of The Little Mermaid to satisfy our mermaid addiction in the interim.