“Mueve Eso” – Luigui Bleand Shows Us How It’s Done

Dominican artist and producer Luigui Bleand is on top of his game with “Mueve Eso”, a dynamic song in collaboration with La Perversa. “Mueve Eso” is the urban anthem that gives us an in-depth look at the party culture of Central America, showcasing people dancing freely and enjoying moments of sensuality and liberty of the heart. As a listener, you cannot help but let yourself be pulled into this hazy paradise of rhythms and beats thanks to the vocals, rapping, and dances. 

Speaking about his plans for the future, Bleand shared that fans can expect an album release soon: “We already managed to make a previous selection of the song and very soon we’re going to release one of them called “CopaCabana.” Probably at the beginning of February…I am 100% involved in the whole process, I am the central axis of the sound that I create, I talk to the producers first or if the producer has my idea and has already created it, I select it.”

The master of his art, Luigui Bleand works on several fronts, being a producer at Sony Music Group, making  docu-film about his journey in the music industry, creating his own awesome music, and much more. Check out “Mueve Eso” below!