John Travolta Teaches Kevin Hart How To Be An Action Hero In The Trailer For Die Hart 

John Travolta instructs comic Kevin Hart on how to be an action hero in a new Die Hart trailer. Die Hart, a ten-part series that debuted on the defunct streaming service Quibi, will soon be available on Prime Video as a full-length movie. The next comedy is the most recent in Hart’s lengthy run of comedies, which also includes Me Time, The Man From Toronto, True Story, Fatherhood, and Coach Kev.

A new Die Hart teaser has been released by Prime Video, giving viewers a clearer look at the upcoming movie and the entertaining meta-comedy in which actor Kevin Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself who is trying to become an action hero.

The teaser suggests that Travolta, who plays a teacher at “Action Star School,” along with Josh Hartnett and Nathalie Emmanuel, would have a significant part alongside Hart. On February 24, Die Hart will be available on Prime Video.

Everything We Know About Die Hart

Die Hart was initially made available as a series on Quibi, but after Quibi went out of business, Roku bought the rights. Ben Schwartz, Paula Pell, and Peacemaker star John Cena joined the cast of the program, which is said to have become a great hit for the streamer. 

Season 2, Die Hart 2: Die Harter, was approved late last year. An action-hero training school is attended by a fictionalized version of Hart in the future film, which is directed by Eric Appel and is based on season 1 of the television series, in order to get a part with renowned filmmaker Claude Van De Velde (Jean Reno).

Ron Wilcox, Hart’s teacher, is played by Travolta, who had recently primarily starred in direct-to-video action films. Jordan is played by Emmanuel, who is most recognized for her work as Ramsey in the Fast & Furious series of films. Although Hartnett appears just briefly in the Die Hart trailer, he is portraying a fictitious version of himself just like Hart.

Derek Kolstad, who is now well-known in the action movie genre for writing screenplays for movies like the John Wick trilogy and Nobody, is the author of Die Hart. Hart’s most recent comedy, the majority of which were original productions for Netflix and other streaming sites, did not receive favorable reviews from reviewers. 

The comedian’s other endeavors may not be as well-liked as Die Hart, which has an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes since its introduction as a series on Quibi and subsequent addition to Roku.