You People’s Jonah Hill Kissing Scene Was Entirely CGI

Actor Andrew Schulz of You People discloses that Jonah Hill and Lauren London’s kiss was actually a computer-generated image. You People, which Kenya Barris directed, debuted on Netflix last month to largely unfavorable reviews. 

The romantic comedy movie follows Ezra (Hill) and Amira (London) as they begin dating and try to make their way through a complex world of competing cultures and social pressures brought on by their ethnic differences. Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny, Nia Long, and Schulz, who portrays Cousin Avi, are all featured in You People.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Brilliant Idiots, Schulz discloses that the kiss between Hill and London at the conclusion of You People was totally produced using computer graphics.

The actor and comedian said that, while filming, Hill and London started to kiss but stopped, leaving the rest to CGI. See Schulz’s whole response below:

“I don’t even know if I should share this s–t, but in the final scene, they don’t even kiss. It’s CGI. Swear to god, son. I’m there [on set] watching the wedding, and I see them go in for the kiss. And their faces stop like this far [gestures about six inches apart]. And I’m like, ‘I wonder how they’re going to play that in the movie. Oh, they’re probably just going to cut right there.’ But in the movie, you could see their faces come close, and then you can see their faces morph a little bit into a fake kiss.”