A Promising Update For The Crazy Rich Asians Spinoff Film From Star

Harry Shum Jr., the actor in the Crazy Rich Asians sequel film, has provided a positive update. The love story between Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nicholas Young was the focus of the romantic comedy-drama based on Kevin Kwan’s book of the same name (Henry Golding). 

The movie, which was first released in 2018, performed well at the box office and with the audience. Gemma Chan’s portrayal of Astrid Young Teo, who showed generosity to Rachel upon her arrival in Singapore, rapidly won fans. At the conclusion of Crazy Rich Asians, Shum Jr. appeared as Charlie Wu, Astrid’s ex-fiance, indicating that their prospective relationship will be addressed in the following film.

Astrid and Charlie will be the main characters in the Crazy Rich Asians sequel, which will be released in 2022. The project’s status has been questioned, but Shum Jr. stated in a recent interview with CinemaBlend that it is in the writing stages and that he is enthusiastic about the movie. See what Shum Jr. has to say about the Crazy Rich Asians sequel below:

“You remind me, I do have to make another call. A lot of people are really excited, especially with the wonderful work that the team behind CRA has been doing. I think at this point they’re writing it and trying to just get it right. So as far as I know now, I don’t know any concrete date of when it would go, but I’m just as excited as the audience to get this going.”

Everything We Know About The Crazy Rich Asians Spinoff

Astrid will still be followed in the sequel following Crazy Rich Asians’ events. She is introduced as Nick’s cousin and is depicted as being incredibly affluent and stylish. Nick claimed that she was the one he was closest to. 

She is a single mother who has a boy named Cassian and a former spouse named Michael (Pierre Png), who she realized was of a different racial heritage. Her relationship with Charlie, who was last seen in the credits sequence when the two exchanged looks at Rachel’s engagement party, will also be explored in the film.

According to reports, Warner Bros. will handle the spinoff’s distribution, while Jason Kim, whose earlier works include Barry and the Netflix series Love, will pen the script. Astrid left Michael not long after learning he was having an affair before Charlie made an appearance at the conclusion of Crazy Rich Asians. 

It would be intriguing to watch how she and Charlie revive their old romance and how much more of Shum Jr.’s character is revealed because in the book they were engaged but her family intervened.

There will likely be a Crazy Rich Asians sequel in addition to the spinoff film, raising questions about how Astrid and Charlie will be incorporated into the plot and whether the entire original ensemble will return. It will be fascinating to see if it follows the narrative of the second novel, China Rich Girlfriend, which was published two years after the first. Star Constance Wu already provided an update on that project. Keep an eye out for any updates on the impending Crazy Rich Asians movies if you’re interested in the future of the series or learning more about Astrid and Charlie.