Premiere | CloudPainter Release Their Ode to the Arizona Desert Sound In “Love Come Down”

CloudPainter delights audiences with their authentic new track “Love Come Down”. The four-minute track embodies the quartet’s ever-evolving sound that is such a flavorful bouquet of all folk-rock genre elements. RJ Cloud and Liz Painter, the band’s frontmen sing with incredible emotionality: “Staring into this desert sky/ And wishing upon a star/ That this life will take you far/ Is love gonna come down and carry you away someday,” sharing with listeners the story of CloudPainter coming together. Modern and southern rock, R&B and eclectic psychedelic era influences intertwine and fuse, creating euphoric grooves and catchy hooks, as Cloud and Painter’s vocals lead the way.

CloudPainter is a rising band operating from their freshly built world-class recording studio in Arizona. Band members Cloud and Painter (vocals/keyboard/guitar) are joined by Steve Smith’s masterful bass guitar and Josh Sailor on percussion. The band’s musical journey started with Painter and Cloud playing music at Discovery Gallery, where the two joined regular jam sessions and songwriting circles. 

After years of pursuing their own passion in music—Painter gained much acclaim as a singer-songwriter and live performer with a number of albums under her belt, while RJ Cloud went on to co-invent the Cloud Microphones as well as the world-famous Cloudlifter with his partners in the industry—the artists found each others’ company again, this time forming a band. CloudPainter has much planned for 2023, as they enter the industry for the first time as a folk-rock band, carrying the raw and lush sounds of the Arizona desert. 

CloudPainter’s music is filled with a vintage old-school feel that reminds listeners of the works of legends like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd, and others. There is never a dull moment as the listener is completely engulfed in sophisticated melodies and masterfully crafted lyricism. Arizona’s most promising music group is ready to take audiences by storm, one the listeners are guaranteed to recall their electric musicianship for the years to come!