Iris West From The Flash Movie Gets A New Perspective from Kiersey Clemons

With regard to how her portrayal of Iris West in The Flash varies from previous iterations of the legendary character, Kiersey Clemons gives a fresh perspective. Clemons was hired as Iris West in 2016 after The Flash’s inclusion in the DCEU was originally confirmed in 2014. Nearly ten years after its first announcement, The Flash will finally open in cinemas this year following multiple delays. Recently, James Gunn revealed his new strategy for the DC World (DCU), which includes a number of forthcoming projects. He also lauded The Flash and said that it will reset the DC universe.

Clemons gave Screen Rant an exclusive interview to promote her upcoming film Somebody I Used To Know and she gave a little preview of her role as Iris West. She outlined how Iris and Barry have to be quite different personas in order for filmmaker Andy Muschietti to be satisfied. Clemons also discussed the impact working on this project for such a prolonged period of time with Ezra Miller had on Iris.

Screen Rant: I’m really excited to see you as Iris West in The Flash later this year. James Gunn just wrapped the DCU slate, and he really hyped up The Flash. Can you tease what we can expect from your Iris West?

Kiersey Clemons: I think that working off of Ezra and knowing them for so many years really influenced who Iris was. [We] really exaggerated how opposite their personalities are, and Andy [Muschietti] was the one directing us in that way. Because, you know me, I wanted to give her this big sense of humor. But Iris, she’s very straight to the point. And there’s conflict amongst them and a vulnerability that makes her feel more reserved; she doesn’t exactly put it all out there.