Teen Wolf Boss Addresses Eli Hale’s Mother Plot Hole In Movie

WARNING: This article includes SPOILERS from Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Teen Wolf: The Movie’s significant mother-related plot hole is addressed by creator Jeff Davis. Finally, a seventh season of the Teen Wolf franchise has been abandoned in favor of a reunion movie. The film picks up over two decades after the conclusion of season 6 and was written by Teen Wolf’s original creator. 

Teen Wolf: The Movie revisits Scott McCall and his friends while also concentrating on their adult lives and coping with the supernatural. Everyone returns to Beacon Hills as an ancient evil resurfaces to confront the enigmatic reappearance of Allison Argent, who perished in Teen Wolf season 3. Eli Hale, the son of Derek Hale, is one of the new major characters that the plot introduces.

While Eli plays a significant part in Teen Wolf: The Movie, the script did omit one important aspect of him. Despite being Derek’s kid, his mother is never mentioned in Teen Wolf: The Movie, and it appears that there is a reason for it. In a TVLine interview, Davis is questioned directly about Eli’s mother, but the response may not be what fans are hoping for. 

Davis claims:

“That remains to be seen, although some part of the fandom would say he doesn’t have a mother. The decision to not reveal is that it’s a story for another time. I’m a child of single parents, and I really gravitate towards telling single-parent stories because I know that struggle personally.”